Friday, May 8, 2015

Prayer to JESUS, the Black Nazarene

Lord Jesus of Nazareth, teach us to pray always. Guard our thoughts and senses, so that all that we do may be pleasing to You. Through Your suffering and death, You brought us everlasting life. Give us the strength of the Holy Spirit, so that we may never grow tired of serving You and our neighbors. By Your suffering and prayer at Gethsemane, teach us obedience to God’s will I spite of hardships and trials in life. Help us to honestly and faithfully pray; and not to do good only to be seen by people. 

[Pause for Personal Intention]

Lord God, come and strengthen the hope and faith that You have given us, so that we may truly experience Your presence in our lives. 

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Anonymous


  1. Holy Father please hear my prayer and grant me the job. I am waiting and hoping for a miracle to get the job. A miracle my God Amen

  2. I’m my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the last 3 years, I had difficulty getting pregnant because Um 41 and has low ovarian reserved ( that’s happen women over 35) I have to go through IVF for 3 cycle but always cancelled for many reasons. 2 weeks ago I had dream ofJesus Nazarene being in a procession. I have been praying to God but I haven’t really think about spraying to Jesus of Nazarene. But, I wondered what the dream about, so I look up for Novena prayer about Jesus the Nazarene. On the 7th day of my Novena I learned that I’m pregnant I’m now 4 weeks. Glory to God! Alleluia! His mercy endures forever! I have prayed this along with the Holy Rosary! I encourage everyone to pray pray this and the Holy Rosary! Thank you Lord Jesus of Nazarene and Holy Mother Mary for your beautiful blessings!

  3. What novena you were praying please
    Let me know I need the novena so bad
    Email me @ amarahthina189@gmail

    Thank you so much