Monday, October 30, 2017

The veneration of sacred relics is not wrong. Here's a short reason why...

It may be disturbing, at least for some, the practice of Catholic-Christians to venerate the relics of the Saints. However, it is interesting to note that as early as the time of the Apostles, and even during the time of the early church fathers, the practice of relic veneration is widely accepted by the christian faithful. Is this wrong? Definitely not. Take, for example, the cases of healing and deliverance brought by the handkerchiefs or aprons taken from the Apostle Paul (Acts 19:11-12). Another example is the case of a man who was brought back to life when touched with the bones of the Prophet Elisha (2 Kings 13:21). Does the miracle took place because the bones, handkerchiefs and aprons, per se, have the power to do it? The answer in NO. It only means that GOD, at His own disposal, can use anything, even lifeless bodies and inanimate objects, to draw His wayward people back to Him; and, to manifest throughout the earth that He is the GOD who can make all things possible.