Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SHORT DEVOTIONAL: Exorcism is never about the devil. It's all about GOD'S LOVE!

The central focus of every exorcism is not the devil, but the LOVE AND POWER of Jesus Christ over the person who is demon-possessed. Stories of exorcism should not lead us to fear the power of darkness, but rather, to strengthen our faith in JESUS, who has power and authority over the "visible and the invisible."   True! The devil really exist. But, we also have a powerful GOD  who can vanish away all evil. 

PRAYER:  Lord Jesus Christ, You are ever-living and ever-powerful God. I come before You with all humility to keep me away from all the influences and harassment of the evil one. Protect me, and all who are dear to me, against all sickness, accidents and sinfulness. Rule over us, O Lord Jesus Christ, and cast away the power of darkness hovering our lives. Amen.

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