Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SHORT DEVOTIONAL: We are fisher's of men!

Since the beginning of our salvation history, God has been using ordinary people to carry out His extraordinary works of redemption. In today's gospel narrative (Luke 5:1-11), we can see how Jesus called the ordinary fisher folks of Galilee to be part of His public ministry of proclaiming the kingdom making them, in the words of our Lord, "Fisher's of Men."

Our share in the common priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ, obtained through our baptism, makes us "fisher's of men," too. And our first fishing ground should be our own families with our initial fishing tool, PRAYER. 

PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, You commissioned all your baptized children to go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel. Allow our hearts to burn with missionary zeal and courage, so we can bring Your message of salvation even to the coldest of hearts. Guide us with Your Holy Spirit that we may always witness to the truth. Amen. 

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