Friday, August 4, 2017

SHORT DEVOTIONAL: Companions in Christ

Very much like in the gospel narrative in Luke 5:17-26, our spiritual journey will allow us to encounter two kinds of people. FIRST, are those who will block our way going to CHRIST; and, SECOND, those who will do unimaginable things just to make sure we are close enough to see and feel the LORD. Meeting either of them will benefit our souls. The former will teach us to find creative ways to meet the Lord and develop intimacy with HIM; while the latter will teach us to be sincerely grateful to all the selfless people whose commitment to spread the WORD, in season and out of season, are immeasurable.

We have to remember that we are never alone in our journey. GOD often uses people and circumstances (good or bad) for a variety of purpose like teaching us important lessons, purifying our sinful souls, allowing us to feel HIS Divine Presence and His infinite love, among others.  Even our LORD JESUS CHRIST had the chance to experience the pains and relief of having people around Him.   He was betrayed by Judas.  He was denied by Peter.  He was mocked by His people and race. He was sentenced to death.  He died an innocent man.  On the other hand, the LORD was very much loved by her earthly parents. He was "blessed" with true friends like Lazarus and her sisters. On His way to Calvary, He was able to experience help from Simon of Cyrene in carrying the cross, even just for a while; and, while hanging on the cross, He was gladdened by the conversion of the repentant thief. 

These are just few important events in the life of JESUS, and the ultimate point of all these is the fact that we can never be alone. We need people around. We need, specifically, companions in Christ.

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